Via Galactica or What the Hell, Broadway?

Opened: November 28, 1972

Closed: December 2, 1972

Number of Performances: 7

There has been much talk and debate over what is the worst flop in Broadway history. A lot of people point out the musical version of Carrie. It should be noted that though Carrie is a hard musical to watch, swallow, or shoot up; it at least had a plot. The same cannot be said for Via Galactica.

Via Galactica, from what I can gather, is a musical about… something. The basic gist is that there are a group of outcasts that are living on an asteroid. Oh, yeah, and the year is 2972.

On this asteroid, we find a man named Gabriel Finn. Gabriel Finn is a blue (literally) “space sanitation” man that picks up trash in garbage shipped named the Helen of Troy. This ship leads him to the above mentioned asteroid (named Ithica) and beyond that I have no idea what is going on. The songs, and almost the entire show was intended to be sang rather than spoken, leave no clue as to what is happening and I honestly could not care less.

The most interesting thing about the show was what was involved with the production. The show, which played in the Uris (Now Gershwin) Theatre on Broadway, made heavy use of trampolines onstage. Even better than that, laser light shows, random trapeze dances, and a man who was nothing more than a head all make this show interesting enough to see.

Who cares if it’s absolute drivel? Give an trampolines covering a stage as part of a musical, and you’ve got butts in your seats… sometimes.

Interesting Fact: The musical was originally titled Up! Producers felt that that may look awkward with “Uris Theatre” following it on the marquee.