Little Shop of… Stuff

The one thing missing on television these days is an animated television show based off of a hit 1980s off-Broadway musical about a man-eating plant.  But, hey, FOX already tried this in 1991 with Little Shop.  If you haven’t figured out what musical the show was based off of, it’s Little Shop of Horrors.  Yeah, that Little Shop of Horrors.  You know, the one with the man-eating plant.

But this incarnation was far different than the off-Broadway show, or even the subsequent 1986 Frank Oz film.  This version follows a Seymour Krelborn in Junior High, who works in a flower shop owned by Mr. Mushnik.  Oh, yeah.  And Seymour happens to have a talking Venus Flytrap (this version complete with eyes) named Junior, that helps Seymour with whatever shenanigans he happens to get into each week.  The best part about the plant is that he was actually hatched from a 200 million year old plant that had just been laying dormant for a while.  Oh, yeah, and the plant raps.  He raps.

Audrey also makes an appearance in the series as Mr. Mushnik’s daughter.  For no apparent reason, she’s gone from a blonde to a brunette that’s constantly thinking about the different jobs that she wants when she grows up.   Thankfully for her, Orin does not appear in the series, but is instead replaced with Paine Driller, a local bully that… wears braces.  Har Dee Har Har Har.

Rounding out the cast of characters are a trio of singing flowers, reminiscent of the Urchins from the stage version.  They, along with the rest of the cast, managed to find time to sing various hip-hop styled songs each week.  Yeah, with the rapping plant.

Although the show is cute its own special way (kind of like when the cat knocks itself out by jumping at his own reflection in the mirror),  FOX pulled the plug after thirteen episodes.  It’s probably for the best, though.  I mean… rapping plant.