Chris Nolan Involved With New Superman Movie

Christopher Nolan has become one of the Major League Directors over the past few years, thanks in large part to The Dark Knight and Inception, and has an incredible ability to create unique and interesting films in the form of a gigantic Hollywood blockbuster. It’s no surprise then, that hearing he is involved with the reboot of Superman has gotten me all kinds of excited. Unfortunately though, Nolan is not going to be directing the film, but will instead hold a producer-esque role.

Nolan and co-producer Emma Thomas have been looking for potential directors to helm this project and have released a short list of people they’d like to see involved. From Deadline:

Unstoppable‘s Tony Scott, Let Me In director Matt Reeves, Battle: Los Angeles helmerJonathan Liebesman (who just got the Warner Bros/Legendary job of directing Clash of the Titans 2), Duncan Jones, who just directed Source Code, and Sucker Punch helmer Zack Snyder.

I’m unfamiliar for the most part on everyone except for Tony Scott and Zack Snyder, but I’m not entirely sure how the film would turn out with either of them directing. I’ve got faith in Nolan, but only time will tell for this one.