Holy Cast List Batman!

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and supposed final film in the Nolan-Batman saga, and while the cast list was announced quite some time ago theres still a couple mysteries surrounding who’s gonna be who.

I’ll start with what has been confirmed and what many of you probably know: Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are all back reprising their roles from the previous films. But all that’s boring. The fun stuff here is that the villains are going to be Bane played by Tom Hardy and Selina Kyle (or Catwoman as you might know her) played by Anne Hathaway. I find it interesting that Nolan chose these two villains as he has generally picked the baddies that don’t have super powers, Ra’s Al Ghul being the only exception as in the comics he is immortal. However, even with that Nolan was able to manipulate it in a way so that Ra’s was no longer a single, immortal entity but rather a  title that is inherited with the passing of the former so that there will always be a Ra’s Al Ghul. Crafty Bastard.

Lil' somethin like dis

I’m not sure what Nolan-y twists are going to be present for Bane and Catwoman, although since Tom Hardy is going to take on the role as the venomed up behemoth I’d have to assume that they’re going to portray him closer to the comic incarnation, wherein he is extremely intelligent and devious, as opposed to the Batman & Robin mind-less, wrecking ball adaptation. He was also the first villain to severely cripple the Bat by breaking his spine…over his knee. That better be in there.

Adding Catwoman into the mix should bring a great dynamic as I’m sure Nolan is going to play with the love/hate relationship she and Batsie have. Serving as a both a new love interest and enemy should make for a compelling plot. Hopefully.

The most recent news surrounding the bat-flick is the involvement of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL, Jiggle, Jigglets, what have you) and the possible inclusion of Marion Cotillard. Deadline reports that Jiggle will be in the film when Nolan starts production, although it is still unsure who he will be playing. There are rumors circulating around that he’ll take on Alberto Falcone, son of the mob boss Carmine Falcone from Batman Begins, although there have been no confirmations one way or another. There’s even been talk about him being some sort of Robin figure, although I’m not sure that’s necessarily the road this film would go down. Regardless,  I love me some Jigglin’ so I don’t particularly care who he’ll be playing.

The involvement of Marion Cotillard is a little bit suspect still, but it was reported last week by the French newspaper Le Fiargo that she will be joining the cast. This has yet to be confirmed or denied but there’s already rumor spreading that she’ll be playing Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s mentioned above. If we accept both this and Jiggle playing Carmine’s son, that means a whole crap-load of familial ties to deal with and sift through during the plot, which in turn can only mean a Batman film leaning on the lengthy side. But really, does anybody have a problem with that?

Rumors, rumors, rumors. All I know is this cast is looking more and more like Inception by the minute. Now all we have to do is wait for an announcement about Leo signing on for Calendar Man. If only. If only…

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